Mixed sizes

Small Marron

6-8 Marron
per kg

Medium Marron

4-5 Marron
per kg

Large Marron


2-3 Marron
per kg

Kangaroo Island Marron is a family owned business that is dedicated to bringing you the ethically farm grown Marron. You simply can't get any fresher than live.
We purge our Marron for 48 hours.
Purging is the process where stock is held and not fed. This allows them to empty their digestive system prior to sale.
Marron are then put into hibernation in a cool room by chilling the water at 11 degrees Celsius. This maintains the Marron in perfect condition for live transportation.
Marron are available in a number of sizes, Small, Medium and Large.
Please email Justin Le Cornu at goldberg@senet.com.au or call 0427 797 298 with any questions, or if you would like to purchase.
You can pick them up directly from our farm, please make sure to call ahead so that we can ensure we have a sufficient number already purged for you to pick up and take away, that way you can enjoy them at their highest quality. 

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4327 Playford Highway
Seddon South Australia

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